Understanding the Agunah Crisis

What is a Get?

Why is it important for a woman to have a Get?

What is an Agunah?

Why would someone withhold a Get?

Why is Get-refusal considered a form of domestic abuse?

Is it ever okay for a husband to refuse a Get?

Can men be victims of Get-refusal?

How is ORA adressing the issue of Agunot?

What does ORA do to resolve cases of Get-refusal?

Does ORA have Rabbinic supervision?

Why can ORA rally against a recalcitrant husband? Isn't it forbidden to publicly embarrass a Jew?

But isn't rallying in public a Chillul Hashem?

I'm afraid my spouse will refuse to issue/receive a get, what should I do?

What can I do to help Agunot?

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Frequently asked questions

General FAQ's

What is a Get?

A get is a bill of a Jewish divorce which terminates the marriage between a husband and wife. The get is a 12-line Aramaic document written by a sofer (specially trained scribe) on behalf of the husband which the husband places in the wife’s hands in order to effectuate the divorce process. Unlike the civil divorce process, where a court official has the power vested in him or her to declare a married couple divorced, Jewish law require the active participation of both husband and wife in the divorce process. According to Jewish law, a marriage can only be terminated once a husband willingly delivers a get to his wife, and the wife accepts the get of her own free will.

What to do after hours?

In an emergency, please call 911! You can also call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline

Main #: 212.795.0791

Helpline #: 844-673-5463

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