Chaim Hoffman.


Get-refusal is a form of domestic abuse.

Chaim Yehuda Hoffman has been separated from his wife since 2005. The Rabbinical Court of Israel has ruled that he is obligated to grant her a get. Chaim has ignored this ruling, leaving his estranged wife an agunah. She has been waiting for over 10 years for her freedom. 



Click here to see the psak din of the Rabbinical Court of Israel requiring Chaim to issue a get to his wife. 



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May Debi soon be freed from the painful shackles of this dead marriage! 



The Facts

  • Chaim Hoffman married Debi in 1997. They have 2 children.

  • They have been separated since October 2005.

  • Chaim Hoffman has refused to give Debi a get for over 12 years.

  • Without a get, Debi is unable to remarry according to Jewish law.

  • Debi is an agunah, a woman who is chained to a dead marriage.

  • The Israeli Rabbinical Court in Tel Aviv/Yafo issued a psak (decision) that Chaim must give a get to Debi immediately.

  • Chaim currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.    



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