ORA Campus Fellowship

Campus Fellowship Applications are now open for the 2021-2022 academic year!

This application will close on October 8th, and interviews will run from October 14th-22nd. Click here to apply!

The ORA Campus Fellowship is an annual year-long program geared towards undergraduate students who are interested in becoming advocates for preventing get-refusal and encouraging the use of the halachic prenup. Fellows learn from experts in the field and receive leadership and advocacy training over the course of both virtual and in-person seminars. As part of the fellowship, each fellow is required to become a notary public in at least one state (in order to be able to issue halachic prenups) and to run an educational program either on their campus or in their community. The fellowship is ideal for students pursuing studies in law, education, social work, etc., with a passion for social justice within the Jewish community.

For more information, please email apply@getora.org

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