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Agunah Cases


          JTAJune 28, 2017- Can a woman refuse to give her husband a Jewish religious divorce?             It just happened in Australia

          The Times of Israel- October 29, 2015Stuck in Jewish divorce limbo, Israeli woman wins             viral support

          NewsweekApril 8, 2015- In Orthodox Jewish Divorce, Men Hold All The Cards

          Baltimore Jewish Times- February 5, 2015- Woman’s 11-Year Get Battle Comes to an End

          The New York TimesMarch 21, 2014- Unwilling to Allow His Wife a Divorce, He Marries               Another

          The New York PostNovember 4, 2013- An Orthodox Woman's 3-year Divorce Fight

          The Huffington PostMarch 5, 2012- Compelling Jewish Men to Grant a Divorce Through           Social Media

          The New York TimesJanuary 3, 2011- Religious Divorce Dispute Leads to Secular Protest



The Jewish Divorce Process


          The Jewish Press- March 17, 2017- Cheshbon Nefesh On The Plight Of Agunot

         ABA Journal- August 1, 2014- Lawyers look for secular solutions to the Orthodox Jewish               divorce problem

         Newsweek- November 12, 2013 Divorce in the Orthodox Community Can be Brutul,                      Degrading and Endless

         New York Daily News- May 28, 2012- Get Lost! Women Struggle to Get Jewish Divorce                  from  their Orthodox Husbands

         The Jerusalem Post- March 1, 2012- It Isn't Over Until The Husband Says 'I Do'



The Halachic Prenup


          The Wall Street Journal-April 5, 2016- For Orthodox Jews, a Different Kind of Prenup

         Tablet MagazineMarch 30, 2015- Signing Pre- And Post-Nuptials In Crown Heights

         Tablet MagazineMarch 6, 2015- Sign On The Dotted Line

         The New York TimesMarch 16, 2012- Where Divorce Can Be Denied, Orthodox Jews                  Look to Prenuptial Contracts



Written By Our Staff


         The Times of Israel- December 30, 2018: Is Public Shaming Ever Okay?

Nashim- August 2017- Scars of the Soul: Get Refusal and Spiritual Abuse in Orthodox                     Jewish Communities 

         The Times of Israel- August 3, 2017- Afraid to Sign the Halachic Prenup? Read This.

        Lehrhaus- July 24, 2017- A Failed Attempt to Challenge the Halakhic Prenup

        The Times Of Israel- May 24, 2017- What We Say When We Give... And When We Don’t

        The Times Of Israel- September 1, 2016- Get refusal: But isn’t it the man’s only trump card?

        The Times Of Israel- November 25, 2014- GET REFUSAL: When There’s Only One Side to             the Story

        Nachum Segal NetworkNovember 11, 2013- Interview With Rabbi Jeremy Stern





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