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ORA's Success Stories

**Names have been changed for privacy.

218: With Threat of Pressure, Adelle Is Freed

Adelle and Yosef had been married for many years and were the parents of a large family, but their marriage was extremely abusive and unstable. Adelle had tried to leave Yosef several times, but returned each time to attempt a reconciliation for the children’s sakes. At one point in the marriage, Adelle contacted ORA for guidance in the divorce process, but then returned to Yosef once again. Ultimately, it was the couple’s children that encouraged Adelle to leave the marriage for good. In 2011, Adelle asked Yosef for a get and he refused. Upon review of the case, the local beit din ordered that Yosef was obligated to give a get; however, Yosef refused to abide by this ruling. Adelle contacted ORA again for assistance, and ORA worked with Yosef and the family’s rabbi to facilitate an amicable resolution.  When Yosef continued to refuse to give a get, ORA threatened to apply significant social pressure, at which point Yosef finally agreed.  Due to ORA’s advocacy efforts, Adelle was finally able to obtain her get and truly exit her abusive marriage.


217: Rivka Gets Her Get Without Strings Attached

Rivka and Mendy married in 1981 and had 9 children together. Mendy was abusive to Rivka throughout their marriage, and in 2007 Rivka finally left the marriage for her safety. When the couple civilly divorced in 2012, Mendy agreed to give Rivka a get, but then never appeared before beit din. Rivka turned to ORA for help, and after the ORA caseworker spoke with Mendy, it became clear that Mendy was looking to use the get as leverage to force Rivka to give up ownership of her home. ORA applied public pressure against Mendy, and Mendy finally agreed to drop his demands and give Rivka a get. ORA played a key role in enabling Rivka to finally attain her freedom from her abusive husband.


206: Extortion Prevented, Get Received

Lauren and Daniel were married in 1997, had 4 children together, and separated in 2009. When Lauren asked for a get, Daniel demanded that she first pay him an exorbitant amount of money. Lauren contacted multiple rabbis who tried to convince Daniel to give her a get, but Daniel continued to refuse. In 2012, Lauren contacted ORA for help. The ORA caseworker reached out to Daniel, and when it became clear that things could not be resolved amicably, ORA threatened to apply public pressure against Daniel. Daniel backed down, and Lauren finally received her get after waiting for 5 years. Due to ORA’s involvement, Lauren was able to stand up to Daniel’s attempted extortion and was finally set free!


204: Once Again, A Rally Makes The Difference

Jeff and Lisa married in 1991 and had two children together. After attempting to negotiate the challenges in their marriage for several years, Lisa finally decided to separate from Jeff in 2011. At first, Jeff claimed that he would give a get only at the conclusion of the civil divorce; however, once the civil divorce was finalized, Jeff ignored Lisa’’s requests for a get.  Lisa contacted local rabbis for support, but they were unable to persuade Jeff and instead issued a seruv (order of contempt) against him. At that point, a desperate Lisa contacted ORA for help, and ORA reached out to Jeff. When Jeff remained recalcitrant, ORA conducted a rally outside Jeff’s home, which greatly upset him. Jeff retaliated by filing a custody motion against Lisa, who then counter-sued with further custody claims. With ORA’s assistance, Lisa and Jeff and their attorneys were able to settle their legal battles as well as the get without endangering their children’s well-being.


196: Constant Communication

After enduring years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband, Dina finally decided to leave her 9 year marriage with Eli. Although Dina repeatedly asked Eli for a get, he continuously refused to comply, or would promise to give the get at a certain date and then renege at the last minute. Dina approached a beit din for help, and when the beit din process stalled, she turned to ORA for guidance. ORA played an integral part in moving the case forward. Through the constant communication the ORA caseworker facilitated between all the parties involved, Dina finally received her get over two and a half years after she initially left Eli. Upon receiving her get, Dina said that ORA was "her rock" throughout the difficult process, and was very thankful for all the hard work and support she received from ORA.


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 'Through the constant communication the ORA caseworker facilitated between all the parties involved, she finally received her get...'

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