Recalcitrant Parties

seruv is a document that indicates that a party has refused to comply with a Jewish court and is held in contempt of court. In the Jewish divorce process, if a husband or wife disobeys the ruling of a Jewish court and refuses to either issue or receive a get, a seruv is issued against them.


Jewish communities traditionally ban recalcitrant individuals who refuse to comply with a reputable Jewish court from entering the synagogue for public prayer and receiving Torah and other community honors. Members of the Jewish community are encouraged to forgo social and business contacts with such recalcitrant individuals in an effort to persuade them to comply with the Jewish courts. It is important to provide support to victims of Get-refusal, and persuade these individuals to appear before and comply with a recognized Jewish court. 


The following individuals have a formal seruv or psak issued against them:

Yechiel Friedman
Brooklyn, NY
Shulem Goldenberg
Brooklyn, NY
Alexander Goldinsky
Cleveland, OH
Jute David Kestler
Fair Lawn, NJ
Chaim Meir Lauber
New York, NY
David Nahmmany
Location Unknown
Yoni (Yonah) Rendler
Brooklyn, NY
David Setareshenas
Queens, NY
Naftali Eyal Sharabani
Los Angeles, CA
Aaron Silberberg
Moshe Stern
Brooklyn, NY
Danny Zadok
Tarzana, CA
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