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Yechiel Friedman

  • Yechiel and Lea have been separated since April 1997 and civilly divorced for 15 years.

  • Yechiel has refused to give Lea a get  for nearly 18 years.

  • In August 2013, the Beth Din of America issued a seruv (order of contempt) against Yechiel after he refused to participate in the beit din process. 

  • ORA organized a rally protesting Friedman's get-refusal for June 29, 2014. Just before the rally, Yechiel agreed to sign a binding arbitration agreement with the Beth Din of America, and ORA cancelled the rally.

  • After signing the arbitration agreement, Yechiel failed to appear before the beit din or comply with their dictates.

  • On December 30, 2014, the Beth Din of America issued a ruling stating that Yechiel should give Lea a get as soon as possible, and that harchakot de-Rabbeinu Tam (communal sanctions) should be imposed against Yechiel. 

  • To view the psak of the Beth Din of America, click here.

  • To view our fact sheet about this case, click here.

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