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Advocacy Services

Agunah Case Advocacy

ORA's dedicated caseworkers formulate and spearhead an individualized action plan for each agunah by facilitating communication between all parties, navigating Jewish and civil court systems, trailblazing new approaches to case resolution, and rallying public support. When necessary, we apply social, communal, financial and legal pressure to procure a get. All of ORA's advocacy efforts operate strictly within the bounds of both Jewish and civil law. 

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Emotional Support

ORA constitutes a critical support system which eases the agunah’s emotional burden and inspires hope. Our staff provides a sympathetic ear and serves as a knowledgeable and experienced resource to guide each agunah in her journey towards freedom. 

Get Subsidies
The get itself must be written by an experienced sofer (scribe) and costs several hundred dollars. We ensure that the cost of writing a get never prevents a woman from obtaining her freedom.
advocacy, ora, agunah, get, refusal, support
Educational Programs

ORA's signature educational initiative, the Agunah Prevention Initiative, raises awareness in Jewish communities and schools about the plight of agunot and the preventative solution of the halachic prenuptial agreement (The Prenup). The program empowers its participants to protect themselves through the marriage process and serve as advocates within their own communities. ORA seeks to establish The Prenup as a community-wide standard and foster a culture that does not tolerate manipulation of the Jewish divorce process.

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