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One Step Forward - Year in Review


Nov 6, 2017

One Step Forward - Year #2 in Review

Following our pilot year, we shared some of our statistics in a three part blog series called One Step Forward "By the Numbers". This year, we are able to share how our services have grown and how we are meeting the needs of the Jewish community.

Growth in Numbers

OSF experienced an 18% increase in new callers in its second year (292 callers) as compared to its first year (247 callers). Looking at total calls conducted, OSF experienced a 38% increase in its second year compared to its first.

Services Provided

Besides providing empathic support and individualized guidance to each caller, OSF offers callers a wide range of referrals through our large referral network. In its second year, OSF provided 232 referrals, over double the number of referrals in year one (102 referrals). Here is a breakdown of the referrals provided in year two:

Encouraging Results

In a recent survey of OSF callers, two-thirds (68%) of respondents reported feeling more empowered as a result of the interaction they had with the OSF helpline. Sixty two percent (62%) of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that OSF helped them experience smoother divorce proceedings. Although not all OSF calls relate to receiving the Get, sixteen OSF callers received their gittin as a result of the guidance and referrals provided by OSF.

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