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ORA Resolves Its 100th Case!


May 31, 2009

Almost two years since ORA first received a call from Rachel, an unconditional get has finally been given, marking ORA’s 100th resolved case. Rachel and Meir were married for 15 years before separating. Their daughter, Bella, was only two when Rachel and Meir separated citing domestic and emotional abuse as cause for divorce. An order of protection was placed against the husband for fear that he would turn to violence against his daughter in addition to his wife. At first it seemed as though the separation would simply be a segue into a divorce resolution, however, Meir was contacted by a notorious group of people who convinced him that the get could be used as leverage in exchange for a settlement of his choosing.

Rachel contacted ORA after trying unsuccessfully to procure a get for a year and a half. After speaking with all of the parties, the first step in helping Rachel was to find her an excellent attorney who could represent her throughout this process. We contacted their families, neighbors, and employers, but we were left without anything to show of our efforts. After many failed attempts at mediation and extensive consultations with rabbis in two different countries, Rachel still was without a get.

Two weeks ago we began facilitating a settlement discussion for the third time, and it looked as though an agreement could finally be reached. Arrangements were made to sign the agreement in front of a legitimate beit din so that we could ensure the get be given immediately. Rachel called with tears in her eyes because she never thought this day would come. The years of waiting, the sacrifices she made for herself and her daughter, the despair she endured, and the life that was now given back to her through the get left her without words to say. The only thing left to utter was, “Thank you.”

Rachel is now free to start her new life with her beautiful daughter, and ORA can proudly say that we have resolved our 100th case in six years.

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