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ORA Resolves Its 130th Case!


Mar 31, 2010

Following only two months of involvement by ORA and after waiting for nearly two years, Shifra finally received her get.

Shifra and Jake were married for ten years and have a child together. The couple separated in 2008. When approached regarding a get, Jake continually responded with a variety of demands to be met before a get would be given. After working with a local and national beit din, a seruv was finally issued against Jake for his refusal to appear before them


With the seruv in hand, ORA approached the husband's family and attorney and attempted to negotiate an non-extortionary settlement. When that amicable approach proved futile, however, ORA contacted the husband's rabbi and informed the husband that unless he appeared before the beit din, ORA would continue its plan to publicly inform his community about the abuse being perpetrated against Shifra. Within a few days, the husband made an appointment for a get hearing. After lengthy mediation at the hearing and with the stellar assistance of Shifra's rabbi, Shifra received her get.

This is a classic situation in which we were able to utilize our network of connections and communal support to directly resolve a case. Successes such as this one encourage us to continue our advocacy in ensuring that a get is given unconditionally and in a timely fashion.

Shifra returned home this week with her freedom in hand, ready to begin the next stage in her life.

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