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Project One Step Forward

The Jewish Divorce Resource Line

One Step Forward (OSF) is a special project of ORA providing support, guidance, and resources to anyone going through the Jewish divorce process. Our mission is to empower individuals to make well-informed decisions at every stage of their journey and avoid the deterioration of the divorce process into a situation of Get-refusal. 


Early intervention makes a difference! Through Project OSF, we are able to provide you with information and support early on in your divorce process. ​Since 2015, Project OSF has assisted over 1600 individuals in navigating the Jewish divorce process, has helped many individuals receive their Get, and has prevented countless other agunah situations. Most importantly, we are here for you and are a reminder that you do not have to go through this alone!​


Call toll-free at 1-844-OSF-LINE (673-5463).



Separation and divorce can be a challenging and lonely time in a person’s life. Our staff has years of experience in working with individuals experiencing personal challenges and is here to support you with compassion and empathy. 


We help callers assess their needs and work on a plan on how to deal with the myriad of concerns facing them at this time in their life.


All calls are confidential and all services are provided free-of-charge.


Throughout the world, communities have established resources for individuals in need. Our staff is dedicated to help connect individuals to culturally and geographically appropriate resources. Our resource database includes: 

  • Social Services

  • Legal Aid Services

  • Counseling Centers

  • Support groups for adults and children 

  • Food Pantries

  • Temporary financial assistance programs

  • Culturally sensitive resources for victims of domestic abuse


Navigating the divorce process is especially complicated when dealing with a Jewish divorce. Questions that individuals ask us on a regular basis include: 


  • What is a Beit Din?

  • What is Beit Din’s role in divorce and when should I ask for the get? 

  • What issues can Beit Din adjudicate?

  • Which Beit Din should we go to? 


We are here to assist callers in learning more about the Jewish divorce process and guide callers in making informed decisions about their next steps. 

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