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Project Ahava is a new program designed to prevent future cases of get-refusal by promoting healthy and loving relationships, as well as the Halachic Prenup.

We're using digital and print ads to promote healthy relationships and the Halachic Prenup, and conducting broader educational initiatives in the dating world. From podcast appearances, new articles, and workshops about healthy relationships, our goal is to reach people who are dating, and encourage them to protect the Jewish community from get-abuse by committing to sign a Halachic Prenup.


We're also going to “train the trainers,” educating dating coaches and chattan/kallah teachers about the importance of encouraging couples to sign a Halachic Prenup in order to protect themselves and the Jewish community at large.

Scroll down to see how YOU can be involved!

We are so grateful to the Young Leadership Giving Circle at the UJA

for supporting Project Ahava!


Dating and want to learn more about the Halachic Prenup?

What is the Halachic Prenup?

The halachic prenup is a legal document which, if universally adopted, has the potential to “end the agunah problem as we know it.”


The Prenup is a legal agreement like any other contract you would sign – such as to purchase a house or engage in a business partnership – which goes into effect in the unfortunate event of a contested Jewish divorce. It has two primary elements: First, each spouse agrees to appear before a specific beit din and abide by its decision with respect to the get, should the marriage end in divorce. Second, The Prenup contains a monetary incentive to give the get, amounting to $54,750 a year, which is enforceable in civil court. A reciprocal version of The Prenup provides the same financial disincentive for a wife who refuses to participate in the get process.

Why should I sign a Halachic Prenup? My fiancé is a great person and would never want to hurt me.

As a matter of public policy, signing The Prenup must become the norm so that all members of the Jewish community are protected from the horrors of get-refusal. To prevent an outbreak of disease, the entire population needs to be vaccinated, not just a few people.

In addition, there are no guarantees in life. Divorce is a reality in our community, and The Prenup protects someone from their worst inclinations which are brought out in the heat of a divorce, thereby ensuring that the get never becomes an issue of contention. Every person should be able to say to their prospective spouse, “I love you so much, I never want to hurt you,” and put that in writing through signing The Prenup.

Does the Prenup actually work?

Yes! The halachic prenup has worked 100% of the time in preventing cases of get-recalcitrance, so long as the prenup was properly signed and a copy was available. The halachic prenup is designed to resolve modern agunah cases but not classical agunah cases (such as missing husbands) which are extremely rare in modern times.

I'm in! How do I sign the Prenup?

Though The Prenup can be signed anywhere, all engaged couples are invited to sign The Prenup in ORA’s New York office. We will supply you with copies of The Prenup and walk you through the terms of the agreement. We have a notary public on staff and can execute the agreement in our office, free of charge. Give us ten minutes of your time and walk away with the signed Prenup in hand! To make a prenup signing appointment at ORA, please click here.

Take the Prenup Pledge

Commit to sign a Halachic Prenup yourself in the future!​​

WHY is it good for me?

By signing a Halachic Prenup, you commit to your partner that get-refusal will never be a part of your future. 

But beyond that, it is a sign of mutual love and respect to your spouse.


WHY is it good for others?

By signing a Halachic Prenup yourself, you help eradicate the problem of get-refusal from the entire Jewish community by helping to make it more standard. If everyone has a Halachic Prenup, then those who end up needing it will have it, and will be protected. 


"I signed the Halachic
Prenup because..."

But Isn’t It (Un)Romantic?

Keshet Starr, Esq.

Keshet Starr, Esq.


"Too often, it’s this very discomfort that keeps couples from signing a Halachic Prenup.

But I want to propose something else: Contrary to public opinion, signing a Prenup is actually the most romantic move of all. You see, I was once a young bride also, ready to get started on my perfect life with my perfect spouse.

And yet, if I had to tell you about the most powerful moments in my marriage, none of them came in the shiny, “perfect” times. Instead, it’s when my husband listens to me struggle with a work issue until late into the night, when we look at each other across a sea of screaming children and break into helpless laughter, when we are lost and the car has run out of gas, that we realize what we have. Like any profound commitment, love and marriage are not forged in the easy times, but when we are forced to rise to our challenges."


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We will be scheduling a 35 minute, VIRTUAL focus group in early November. Individuals connected to the Jewish dating community will give feedback for ORA's advertisements, messaging, and website surrounding the Halachic Prenup. (This is not limited to those currently dating, but also those who feel they understand the demographic and can give honest feedback.)

If you'd like to participate, please fill out this form.

Have questions? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at

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