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Are we encouraging Divorce?

"Working in a divorce-related field, I constantly encounter gross misconceptions about why people get divorced in our community. “Couples give up too easily these days,” people will grumble. “Young people are afraid to work at it.” “In the good old days, divorce was not even a thought!”

Now, there may indeed be individuals out there who are either emotionally stunted or really love trauma, but the average divorcee in the frum community has a very different story to tell.

If you are reading this and married, I invite you to imagine—for just a moment—what your life would look like tomorrow if you got divorced, G-d forbid. Where would you live? How would your finances work? How would you manage without your children every other weekend? What would happen to the friendships you’ve developed as a couple? What about your sense of self?"

Read more on Times of Israel about why it is important to support divorcing couples, both for the sake of each individual and for the sake of their children.

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