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There is No Right or Wrong Time to Call OSF

Common Misconception #1: People who call One Step Forward haven't given their marriage a try.

At One Step Forward, we see the opposite!

OSF receives calls from individuals at every stage in the divorce process - contemplating separation, post-separation, and even post-divorce. Of the callers who are already separated when they reach out to OSF (80% of OSF's call volume), nearly two thirds report having separated after seven or more years of marriage.

Individuals contemplating divorce, and even those who are separated, report multiple attempts at saving their marriages through couples therapy, marriage counseling, mediation, or other means of working out their issues. Only after attempts at reconciliation failed did these callers reach out to OSF for help navigating the divorce process.

Truthfully, though, some marriages do have problems early on that may be irreconcilable and that lead to divorce. In these situations, there can be intense feelings of disappointment and embarrassment, as well as confusion and isolation. Getting support and the right information is critical to being able to move on and heal.

One Step Forward is here to help! All you need to do is call.


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