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Seek Out Help...Early!

Common Misconception #2: People should only call for help once things get really complicated and messy.

Getting divorced is hard and it is complicated. Even in the best divorce situations, it can take a lot of time, money, and effort to make everything go smoothly. And then in more complicated and difficult situations, the situation can snowball very quickly and become very overwhelming.

Prior to starting One Step Forward, the typical caller reached out to ORA for assistance three years after separation. However, now we can report that 20% of OSF callers are not separated and, even among those callers who are separated, more than 50% are calling within their first two years of separation. People are searching for help and support and, with that help, they can navigate the divorce process more smoothly and with a better outcome for themselves and especially for their children.

If you are considering separation, going through a divorce, seeking guidance many years later, it is always an appropriate time to call One Step Forward.

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